Don’t Interrupt, I’m Busy Professing

I am a teacher. As far as my students are concerned, “teacher” and “professor” mean the same thing, and they do to me, too. That doesn’t mean that a college-level teacher and a kindergarten teacher receive the same training or draw upon identical instructional skills on a daily basis. However, just because we teach different subjects to different levels of students, doesn’t mean we cannot both be teachers. Being a “teacher” also does not diminish the expertise that I, along with my faculty colleagues, have all developed in our subject areas. One of the great pleasures and challenges of my job is that I’m always trying to improve as both a scholar and a teacher, two roles that I’m content to inhabit.

On Imperfection and Reflection

One truism of my own teaching is that I’ve never found the perfect way to teach something. That might sound like an empty cliché, the kind of thing you’d write in a teaching philosophy document and then forget, but it’s really true. It’s always necessary to “admit limitations” in teaching, and I’m always refining my ideas, designs, and approaches.

Talking about Teaching

What can you expect in this space in upcoming weeks? I will explore the theory and practice of teaching, in particular the intersection between my instructional design studies and my daily experiences as a teacher, both online and face-to-face.